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About OMyStay

Founded in January 2016, OMyStay is the first Members Only Club of trusted guests and hosts.
With OMyStay you can find your perfect vacation home that matches your tastes and needs.
Mutual Trust and Respect are key.

When looking for a vacation home, we ask first to our network (family, friends, enterprise, clubs…) if anyone has (or know someone who has) the perfect home for us. Word of mouth is still the 1st way to find with confidence our vacation place.

But word of mouth is not an optimal solution to find a place: there is no tools to find the right place in Facebook posts or mailing lists; and if you happen to find it, the reservation process may be complicated…

Moreover, in our worldwide open digital society, we are all looking for connections with people we meet: contact is easily established, discussion topics are evident, trust is here, and the relationship is completely different with sometimes access to equipment or houses which would have not been proposed to a stranger.

OMyStay is a private social network by invitation only. No unexpected surprises, our selection has been recommended by other members and all our members are directly referred and recommended by others.

With OMyStay, any group or network (friends, families, clubs, alumnis, passionnates…), whatever its size, can create a space and invite its members so they can publish offers and rent places to each other. OMyStay is an integrated platform that offers all the features needed for a reservation with confidence: integrated and secure payment, insurance included, validated profiles…

Finally, OMyStay is more than a platform: it is the opportunity, for those who wish, to support a charity that allows all kids to go on vacation. For its part, OMyStay gives back 1 % of its income to Action Enfance program. We can integrate other program according to your group’s wishes.

You want to create a space for your network, so your members can rent places to each other and support a charity program? contact us

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OMyStay was founded by Marie-Christine Crolard fond of traveling, digital and sharing between people. she has always paid particular attention to trust and respect and is very sensitive to innovation.

In order to have an efficient and totally secure technical platform, Marie-Christine has partnered with Orevon.

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