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7 rules for guest members

  1. Respect the place, just as if it were your own home. Make the rent as found on arrival, do not move furniture, take care of equiments, objects and decoration. If you happen to break anything, contact your host.
  2. Respect the schedules of arrival and departure agreed during your discussions. In case of delay notify your host early enough so that he can organize; in case of long-distance flight send the references of the flight to your host that he can see the actual schedule of your arrival.
  3. Respect the terms of the booking especially do not host people other than those mentioned in the reservation
  4. Respect the rules of use and instructions given by the host, especially do not smoke unless explicit explicit agreement of the host, do not throw paper or object that can clog the pipes... water the flowers, the lawn… Empty the trash, clean the dishes, undo the beds … when leaving is appreciated
  5. Respect the neighborhood and public areas, do not make excessive noise, do not make any noise at night, avoid walking with heels, not dragging luggage in stairs, elevators, compliance with basics of courtesy ... You stay a few days, neighbors live here
  6. Respect the use of the place : it is a rental for accommodation, any other use is forbidden; you can give access to a limited number of people for a drink or dinner, in any case for a party ... unless explicitly granted by host.
  7. Respect the confidentiality of the informations provided: do not transmit the access codes to anyone other than those listed in the reservation

Act as if you were a guest in your own home

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